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Welcome to the fan site for the new United SportsCar Racing series

The official announcement was made on March 14, 2013 that the
two great sports car racing series, “American Le Mans” and “Grand-am” would be combining into one called the United Sportscar Racing series. As a huge fan of sportscar racing and motorsports in general I think this is going to be a great win for us fans. Recently it is speculated that the DTM racing series, which uses a sprint format as opposed to an endurance format, may be an opener for the new series in 2015.

The best part is that we will get to see most if not all all the major manufacturers competing in one arena. Imagine all of the machinery that will be present and racing at one time, mostly vehicles that we can buy and drive on the street, tune and maybe even take to the track!

This new fan website, United Sportscar Racing Fans.com is all about an emmersive fan experience with information about the cars we love to drive! Check back soon as we grow and improve the site we will be adding much much more content and articles about the new series for all of you sportscar racing fans!

-Alex Jackson

Editor & Fan

Get ready Grand Am and American Le Mans fans

We are half way there to the new United Sportscar Racing Series!

By Alex Jackson

Posted 6/15/2013




It’s now June Sportscar fans and the Grand Am and American Le Mans series have completed over half of their respective schedules. We have seen some incredibly exciting racing and also are saddened by the recent tragedy at Le Mans. With this season already past the half-way point let’s look forward to the coming season and all of its unknowns and excitement.

With so many teams having to adapt to new regulations and an entirely new schedule it’s impossible to say who the dominant parties will be. Personally I am excited to think that new drivers and teams will have the opportunity to move to the front, and new sponsors will come into play. With Sportscar racing so popular in Europe we have a long way to go here in the United States to get to that level. Not since the heydays of Can Am racing in the seventies has this class of racing been hugely popular in America.

There is talk of a European sportscar series becoming an opener for United Sportscar Racing events in 2014. The idea is to add a sprint race format to the classic endurance format. This should provide more frenzied action at the start of the weekend to compliment the long races.

Whatever the new incarnation turns out to look like it sure to be an exciting experience for Sportscar fans around the world!